It all started around 1984, Up to then I (Vince) had been studying classical guitar theory, playing all over the place and also teaching. Robert who was working in IT, was doing an Audio Production Course at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). We had never met, but destiny was to throw us together one evening. The first of many we would experience together.
One of my students asked if I could help him in a recording session he was asked to do. I agreed and we rocked up to the RMIT Campus, greeted by Rob who was doing his final recording project as part of the RMIT course. No rules, no demands. Just sit and create, which we did. lots of fun in the studio on this warm evening. In 2 hours we recorded and mixed 4 tracks. I had been in studios before, worked with engineers/producers so this was not a new adventure for me. But Rob had a quality that I liked, really liked! The work was done, and from that moment the relationship became a partnership.

And the journey continued....

We, Rob and I started Harmonic 63 Studios at 63 Capel Street West Melbourne in 1987. A little space space with a great heart, once a brothel and a pet food factory (not at the same time!) it was now turned into a Recording Studio, Rob took care of all the technical demands and Me, Vince, all musical needs. Every season was filled with musical creation - dreaming. The inspiration kept on coming and we kept busy strumming and turning knobs. Every project was new and exciting, giving us both the chance to sharpen our skills and tools.

Both being from a migrant background, Rob from Holland and Vince from Malta, and having very different cultural backgrounds, we complement each other to weave a tapestry of creative work.

Following is short summary of some of the projects Harmonic 63 initiated or got involved with, thankfully La Porchetta (Melbourne pizza Joint near the Victoria Market) and Lygon street with its many late night eating and drinking places were close by otherwise we would have starved to death!

Here is the list....

All the "Musicals" were pre-recorded and had original music composed by Vince, with lyrics either by Albert Marshall or Vince.

• Senata tal Emigrant (Musical) - Filmed and shown on SBS TV (1985)

• I'll Vampire (Musical) (1985)

• Fra Celeste (Musical) (1986)

• UBU King of Etnik (Musical) (1987)

• Musical Backtracks for "The Maltese" 18 half hour Documentaries shown on SBS Australian Television (1990/1991)

• Yerma (Musical based on Garcia D'Orca story (1993) part of MDV(1) awards show

• Malta Song For Europe Competition for ESC - Finalist with "Why is Love so Cruel" Performed by Dorothy Zammit (1993)

• Rela (Musical) part of MDV Awards (1994)

• Musical Backtracks for "Destination Malta" 6 half hour documentaries shown on SBS Australia and German and Canadian Television (1995)

• Christmas show (Variety Show - part of MDV(1) awards celebration (1996)

• Into One (Variety show - part of MDV(1) awards celebration) (1997)

• Cadenza (Variety Show - part of MDV(1) awards celebration (1998)

• Malet (Musical celebrating the History of Malta and part of MDV awards celebration (1999)

• Malta Song For Europe Competition for ESC - Finalist with "Why Now" Performed by Michelle Farrugia (2001)

• While working on the submission for "Malta Song for Europe" in 2001 we found out that our home was going to be up for sale, and we where told to vacate the premises in 60 days.
After a long search for new premises and not finding anything suitable that we could afford, Charles Mangion, who was the Force behind the documentaries we did backtracks for, came to our rescue and introduced us to a building he was interested in buying, providing we wanted to turn it into our new recording studio. It was a 2 story place which had lots of potential, and we came to an agreement as to the renovations and the building of the studio. Over the Christmas break in 2003, Robert studied and researched and came up with a design for our new Studio, 2 rooms with angled walls and ceiling, which we build from scratch inside the ground floor shell. It took us nearly 3 years from design to finish all in our spare time. (link to Photographs) After searching for a new name, we accidentally came up with "Shinu" which in Maltese means " What?" (don't ask), so there it is, Shinu Studios.

• "Warm Rain"
Once the studio was finished, I got inspiration to do a project based around "Warm Rain" as the central theme, eventually this finished up as a 13 track album for which various artists where invited to contribute to vocals and vocal harmonies. We decided to publish this on CDBaby and other global download sites.

• "Chaconne"
After "warm Rain " was finished we went over some of the material we had recorded previously and came across a collection of experimental pieces for 4 guitars, which had been recorded some 20 years ago, but has now been remastered and is also available for download, as "Chaconne"

• "Michelle Take 2"
Also we came across a number of previously unpublished original songs featuring vocals by Michelle Farrugia, all of which were Composed, Arranged and Performed by Vince (except for "Baby You're the one" which also had other musicians contributing). This Collection of Songs was published under the title "Michelle Take 2"

• "Yerma"
In the near future, we are planning to issue another old recording, one of our all time favorites, this time a re-edited version of the music of "Yerma" One version completely in the Maltese Language with also the narration in Maltese, but additionally a version with English Narration, both spoken by Jane Marshall.

• In addition to all the work we do to please ourselves, and hopefully our audience, we have of course been available to do work for others , doing things such as Backtracks, Arrangements , Mixing, Demos , Voice Overs etc.

• Of course there is more, but the above is just to give you an idea, if you would like to "sound us out" , just use the "Contact Us" tab and tell us what you have in mind.

• We are on a ride without a ticket....

• Last Four Bars
Everything start at a moment of contact, Once it starts, who knows where it goes?
Robert designed our new studios, he's left nothing to chance like always, I'm still as crazy as ever, searching for more ideas, but no matter how many pieces or ideas I come up with Robert is there to catch me when I fall, The Musical Photographer, we are a good team at Shinu Studios.

• (1) MDV awards named after Manuel de Vilhena - one of the Knights of St John
These awards where presented under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Malta for outstanding contribution to the propagation of Maltese Culture in Australia.
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