Shinu Studios has facilities to capture from solo performance to small ensembles in an environment conducive to the flowing of creative energy.
Our aim is always to make you feel comfortable and be at ease to enable you to perform at your highest level.
Our combined experience in the art of recording will ensure your time spent with us will be a memorable adventure.
We believe a great recording starts with a great acoustic space and great microphones, we are fortunate to have both, additionally we do have a selection of Effects, Gizmos and one of the nicest DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) currently available. If you think a studio is not complete without a mixing desk, we have one of those as well.


Whether your project consists of bits and pieces requiring to be put together or that "perfect take" which unfortunately has a cough or bump in the middle, our editing skills will put a smile on your face.


Mixing any recording project is where all the pieces join and the whole becomes larger than the individual pieces. It is where all the pieces of the jigsaw blend together to form the desired soundscape. Our experience and understanding of the above process puts us in an ideal
position to assist you in realising your vision.

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